The week after New Year’s Day is always a bowl of mixed feelings for me.

On one hand, you’re bombarded with blog posts and ads and memes of the excitement of starting a new year with a clean slate, with a host of goals to accomplish. It should be a great source of positivity and motivation.

On the other hand, you’re falling down a high mountaintop at breakneck speed, after filling up with all the hype and glory of the holidays, gift-giving, song-singing, and a general feeling of JOY that has permeated every part of your life since Thanksgiving Day.

It can all be a bit much. Especially when you live in an area that has sub-zero temperatures.

Personally, the last thing I wanted to do was get up at 6 am, do my exercises, layer up and go to work. I just wanted to sleep and vegetate. I had no motivation. I even felt a little sad.

But it helps to know that this is typical of the post-holidays. And now we’re entering the second week of January, with a little distance from the New Year. Now we can get back to feeling normal again.

Or at least I can.

It helps me to write things down. I have a little planner and I write the important things I need to get done each day. Sometimes I write feelings or things going through my mind. I’m just one of those people who lives by lists. It’s neat to go back and read some of the struggles I had or remind myself of some of my past accomplishments.

Right now, I’m still knitting, but not as much as I had in the past few weeks. My knitting is sort of a background activity, while my body rests a bit and my mind ruminates over what I want to do next. Pretty soon, I’m going to return to sewing napkin sets, headbands and new tote bags – all to hand-dye. I’m thinking about some new ideas for sewing and ice dyeing. I’m also thinking about new knit collections for next Fall. I’m also deciding what shows to participate in for 2018.

So I guess the January word of the month for me is germination…the sprouting or growth from a seed. January is the expansion of conceptual ideas into reality. By next month, I hope to be well into the production phase of many of my ideas.

Maybe January is the same for most people. Don’t we all need a little downtime to rest and regroup?

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