The Month of Musing

This year, Ash Wednesday fell on Valentine’s Day–how is that for a cruel joke?

Yet we should expect this. Every year Ash Wednesday falls on a different week. It begins the Lent season. That period of meditation and reflection, prayer, repentance, the practice of moderation . . . the “cleanse.”

Maybe I’m used to this. I’ve been going to church for about 18 years now (I’m great at reflecting, not so great at cleansing . . . )

I have NOT been running my own creative business for that amount of time though. It appears that this month – February, just happens to be a good time for me to step back, not only for religious reasons but also for self-preservation.

I have no craft or art shows planned for this month. Sales seem to be taking a breather after the holiday craze. I’ve been using this time to knit non-stop (because I really enjoy it, not because I have to do it). I’m finishing older projects, but also starting new ones.

It feels like the right time to think about what’s next. How did things go last year? How do I feel this year? What do I want to make that will carry me to the end of 2018? I’m calling my muse!

Right about now feels like the time to start creating new things. I’ve mulled over a few ideas in my mind, and the urge to get my hands into sewing again is strengthening.

The spark of inspiration started a few weeks ago, and as each day passes by, I research more on how to make that spark real. The more research I do, the more I want to just dive in and do the work!

So maybe this month, while I examine my past actions–and hopefully refrain from sweets, or alcohol, or whatever it is I should abstain from, I’ll be able to make some of my new ideas a reality, ready to bloom in the spring.

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