Hi there!

This site exists and revolves around my Etsy shop: LSS Luscious Knits, which started as a knitted accessory shop but has expanded to include ice-dyed garments, accessories and home decor.

If you have a busy life (and most of us do) – lots of responsibilities, commitments, complications…the kind of life where you’re the caretaker, and you put yourself last on the list of priorities but need an occasional treat…

I get it. I’ve been there myself.

I understand how easy it is to get so deeply involved with the hills and valleys of life, that you forget to take a moment for yourself.

But you need that moment, in order to be the best you!

I create things that stimulate the senses; like rich colors, and the feel of luxury fibers on your skin. Know that you can take a moment and treat yourself to something that makes you feel good about what you’re using and wearing. I design and create accessories and home décor that is high-quality, one-of-a-kind, beautiful, environmentally friendly, and affordable to everyone.