Brioche Knitting 2CITR – The Steps!

Today is the day I make good on my promise to provide you with videos that show you how to do brioche knitting with two colors, in the round (2CITR, cute huh?), and you will not be disappointed!

A few things I learned since last week, if you’re reluctant to cast on using double-pointed needles, that’s okay.

You can make a nice neckwarmer with 16″ circular needles (US6 or US7 will do) and worsted weight yarn. Cast on about 96 to 110 stitches using a stretchy cast-on, depending on how “cozy” you like it. Just as long as you have an even number of stitches, you’re good to go.

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I thought it would be best to take it in steps, so I created five videos, each to go in order.  Now, I feel that since I am an amateur at videos, I must confess that I ramble a bit . . . but not too much: each video is under 5 minutes long.

Below is an outline of the video content. They’re set up in the order that you’re supposed to start a 2-color, in-the-round brioche project.

Outline of Video Lessons

Brioche Part 1 – shows how to do the first set-up row
LC (lighter color) – brk, slip 1 wyif

Brioche Part 2 – shows how to do the 2nd set-up row
(transition from 1st set up to 2nd set up)
DC (darker color) – Slip 1 wyif, BRP

Brioche Part 3 shows how to start your BRK row
(transition from 2nd set-up to BRK row)
LC (lighter color) – BRK, slip 1 wyif

Brioche Part 4 shows the BRP row
(transition from BRK row to BRP row)
DC (darker color) – Slip 1 wyif, BRP

Brioche Part 5 shows the transition from BRP row back to the BRK row

I hope these videos will be helpful. As always, please drop me a line if you need help! Next week, I’ll post a video of a new stretchy bind off (perfect for brioche knitting) that I learned, and love!

Here’s the subject of the videos in its completed glory! It’s available on Etsy too, just click on the photo!

Many thanks to Malabrigo yarn for providing such luscious fiber, and to Michelle at PDXKnitterati for her wonderful written instructions. Thanks to her, I can now do 2-color brioche in the round and I can’t stop!