Facing the Music

I just finished another artisan bazaar today, down in Hyde Park. It was…awesome. It’s always such a surprise to me too!

You never really know for sure how a show is going to go. Sometimes it can be disappointing, but the good shows always make up for the disappointing ones. And then some.

Hyde Park Handmade Artisan Bazaar at the Promontory, December 17th, 2017

I have two more shows coming up this week: One at the Hideout Inn on Wednesday night, and my last show of 2017, Lizard’s Liquid Lounge on Saturday.

If I reflect on the year behind me, I think about all the goals I had set out for myself last December. One of them was to take my business to the “next level.”

Some of the things I wanted to do was increase my online visibility. In order to do that, I needed to start a blog, and write in it on a consistent basis, and I did that. I also wanted to increase my Instagram followers, and I did that as well. I wanted to attend every craft show I signed up for (all sixteen of them), and I did that too. I think I was pretty successful. It was a good year – my sales and commissions definitely increased, but not without a whole lot of hard work – time, energy, thought, labor…and we cannot forget money.

I’m absolutely grateful that I did it though. I learned so much about what it means to pick the “right” show, how to market to the public, how to find that right customer, and how to understand that it’s not about what I want to give, but what my customer seeks. I learned about how to deal with difficult situations, and how to choose my battles.

There are a few goals I did not accomplish though.

The most important one was my goal to eat healthier and continue running. The running caused an injury that required physical therapy, and after that, I just decided I wasn’t going to try running anymore. I’d tried it so many times. And failed. There were other activities I was good at and enjoyed – like walking.

Problem was, I didn’t actually return to walking.

Oh sure, I walked a little…but nowhere near the distance I used to walk.

The truth is my business was my top priority in 2017, and that was obvious. It literally took all of my free time, and I was fine with that – because I loved it. I still do! Sure there were many stressful times…but instead of going for a walk, I had a glass of wine. Or I ate something sweet. Everyday.

So instead of getting healthy, I got unhealthy. I didn’t mean for this to happen, but it happened. And I’ve been thinking about that lately.

Actually, I’ve been thinking about it very seriously when I saw the doctor last week. I learned that I gained 14 pounds since August.

Fourteen pounds…in four months. Wow!

And so there I was. I found myself in this new situation, that I created, and actually pondered the reality of it on my way home. The truth was very real for me now. If I kept on this trajectory, I would be staring down the barrel of high cholesterol, diabetes, and probably a host of other annoying problems that would ultimately rob me of my ability to do my work.

So, while I have a lot to be proud of when it comes to the year 2017 for LSSLuscious Knits…

There would be no LSSLuscious Knits if I’m not here to run it.

So, I have to make myself a higher priority…if only to continue to run the business the best way I can. I know it’s not going to be easy to face the music (stop eating so much, exercise on a regular basis), but I know I’ll feel better in the long run.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from 2017, it’s that I really love creating beautiful things, and I love sharing those things with the world. I don’t want to stop now.