A Neat Freak with Too Much Yarn

I never thought that it was a coincidence that my husband, Mitch, and I found each other. If we didn’t, we’d both be in big trouble.

You see, Mitch is a collector, and I’m a purger. He likes to keep things, I like to throw things out. He likes a little bit of clutter and I like things neat and clean, nice and tidy. As a result, our lives are a little bit of both. Our house has just a little bit of clutter but is mostly neat and tidy. The basement is where all of Mitch’s collections are kept (where I can’t see it).

The only exception, apparently, is my collection of yarn.

Sometimes I start a project, and then I put it down, with the needles still attached, and eventually the project (with needles) will be stored somewhere in the stash. Not very organized on my part. I’ve misplaced a lot of needles this way.

So while I’m feverishly knitting hats for my upcoming shows, I almost bought a new pair of US size 6, 16″ circular needles…but in the back of my mind, I knew there was an extra set lurking somewhere in the house.

So…last week I searched for said needles. I started in the yarn storage…but instead, I fell into the vortex of my stash – amassed beyond life expectancy (SABLE).

There are a few reasons why this happened to me, as these reasons happen to almost every knitter alive. It’s not our fault! It’s just human nature. The big one is a syndrome I like to call “eyes bigger than hands.”

Whenever I go to a yarn store, or a convention, or see an enticing online ad, I may go ahead and purchase a skein (or two), thinking I’m going to use it for that perfect project.

Or I see a pattern that I absolutely love and buy the yarn for it, only to put it away, and never actually start the project.

The other reason is that over the years I’ve inherited a lot of yarn; from friends who also bought too much and realized they didn’t want to use it, or from friends who saw yarn at a second-hand store and thought of me, or friends who inherited yarn from someone else.

Most of the time though, it’s because I see the yarn, I touch it and hold it and smell it (yes, that’s actually a thing and I do it), and I fall in love with it and buy it.

I love smelling new yarn.

I have been feeling a little guilty about this reckless yarn expenditure too. Over the years, it just gets worse. A few years ago I established a self-imposed moratorium on buying any new yarn. That definitely helped me cut back on my spending (it didn’t completely eradicate it but it did help!).

Still, I had more yarn than one could possibly imagine. For years I couldn’t bear the thought of parting with it. This time was different. Today I would purge. And so I did. It wasn’t easy. Some of the yarn was high quality, but I had to ask myself some honest questions…like, whether or not I was really going to make hundreds of washcloths or that shiny novelty scarf, or was I really going to take the time to knit yards of this scratchy wool, felt it, and turn it into potholders?


I ended up taking a jumbo-sized garbage bag, bulging to the top with yarn, to the thrift store. I still have a ton left, but at least I have a clear idea of what to do with it. Really I do!

And I don’t feel guilty about it anymore.

And it all fits nicely in my four plastic drawers.

I told you, I like things nice and tidy.

My display from the Late Late Craft Show at Mrs. Murphy’s Irish Bistro, November 24th. An incredible night, and if I say so myself, the best display I’ve ever had so far…

THANK YOU to everyone who came out to the Late Late Craft Show on Friday, and thank you further to everyone who purchased from my shop this weekend, requested custom orders, and more. You all had such a positive effect on this year for LSSLuscious Knits, as well as my life!

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