Learning a New Stitch

I just returned from driving my daughter back to college for her second semester. She was a little emotional about leaving home again, but once we saw the familiar dormitories on the horizon, she got excited again. Mostly she was excited to begin her new classes, learn new things.

It’s always exciting to learn new things! I’ve been trying to learn a new technique, called brioche knitting. There are several types of brioche, and it didn’t take long to learn the one-color flat brioche, but of course, I wanted to learn the 2-color in the round brioche knitting. Not so easy. In fact, it took me weeks of pouring over different YouTube tutorials, reading and rereading articles, and practicing on the needles, and ripping out and starting over, again and again.

It’s worth learning though. These pictures show you the beauty of brioche – it’s reversible, stretchy and extremely fluffy and warm when you’re using wool!

The above photos are the same headband, but the two-color brioche stitch allows it to be reversible: two headbands in one!

The 1-color brioche stitch is made of three rows: A set-up row, a knit row, and a purl row. The last two rows are repeated throughout the project.

The 2-color stitch is also made up of the same three rows, but one color makes up the knit row, and a second color makes up the purl row. The technique is incredibly simple, utilizing a slipped stitch with the yarn in front, a yarn-over, and a k2tog or p2tog, depending on what row you’re making.

My problem was the transition round when you switch colors. I just couldn’t get it right. Nowhere could I find a video that clearly showed me how this transition worked for an English-style knitter like me.

It’s during times like these that it’s good to have a teacher around who can show me how to do this right, but sometimes I’m stupidly stubborn. I kept working on it, analyzing the stitches at the beginning and end of the row, trying again, and again, frogging the work again and again.

I think I finally figured it out…I think.

Once I’m absolutely sure I have it figured out, I’m going to make a video that shows exactly how to do that transition round, so other English-style knitters who need visual aids can learn brioche in less than a few weeks. I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, I’m posting a lot of new handknits and ice-dyed items in the shop. Check in this week!

I’m glad I made it home before the snow began falling. I’m a little wiped out.